Tony Grist (poliphilo) wrote,
Tony Grist

The Trews

Russell Brand is a loon- but he's our loon not their loon- and they (the pols, the oligarchs, the corporate shills)- who are used to celebrities being on their side (partying at their parties,being paid off with their baubles)- resent him mightily. "Hypocrite," roars the Sun and all because he's a rich man who joined a march on behalf of some poor people. I was watching The Trews last night. Russell sits on his bed and giggles and guffaws and talks politics from the point of view of one who doesn't know a lot but knows what he dislikes and doesn't see why it shouldn't change. He's joyous and optimistic in a way the old political stand-ups never were- and he sent me to bed happy. 
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