Tony Grist (poliphilo) wrote,
Tony Grist

Two Dreams- One Of Them Prophetic

We've opened the bedroom window in honour of it being spring- a little prematurely because it was damn cold last night. As a way of compensating I
dreamed I was in Australia and looking up at the Southern Cross. My, but it was spectacular! I've always wanted to see the Southern Cross for real. I wonder if I ever shall.

Talking about dreams I had a distressing one the night before last where I threw a cat across the room and damaged its eye. In the morning I was looking at a set of photos by morrison_maiden and there was one I particularly liked of her cat sitting on the windowsill, hidden behind a pot-plant, with just one eye visible. I wrote a comment and after I'd placed it, it suddenly dawned on me- "O wow, that dream was an anticipation of this!"
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