Tony Grist (poliphilo) wrote,
Tony Grist

A Conversation About Souls

A. Some people are young souls and some people are old souls, right?

B. Yes, but there's a little more to it than that. There are in fact five stages of development. There are infant souls, baby souls, young souls, mature souls and old souls.

A, Which am I?

B. A mature soul or possibly an old one.

A. You're flattering me.

B. No. not at all. This isn't a value judgement. Every soul has to go through the whole cycle. You and I just happen to be nearing the end.

A. How can you know?

B. Because we're having this conversation. Younger souls wouldn't be interested.

A. How about starting from the beginning? Tell me about infant souls.

B. They're very new to the world- and coping with the basics of incarnation- like how the body works and all that sort of thing. They do best if they're born into simple tribal societies. Modern western society bewilders them; they don't fit in. To begin with they're pre-moral. A lot of serial killers are infant souls.

A. Ugh.

B. On the other hand, because they've only just started incarnating, they're still close to the spirit world. They're dreamers of dreams and seers of visions. They walk with the ancestors, talk to the gods.

A. And baby souls?

B. They're the ones who've just discovered society. They think it's wonderful. And so they conform in everything. They like hierarchy, rules, black and white morality. When it comes to religion they're fundamentalists.

A. So there's no point talking to them about all this soul stuff?

B. Not really. Unless you can reduce if to a very simple set of formulae. Baby souls like to be told what to think.

A. Sad.

B. But they grow out of it. Correction: we grow out of it. And turn into young souls.  Young souls are spiritual adolescents; they question everything the babies believe.

A. Rebels.

B. But also go-getters. They like shiny things. They're very materialistic.

A. And Mature Souls?

B. They're thinkers,  worriers,  obsessives. They'e gone beyond affirmation and rebellion; they want to puzzle out the truth of things.

A. And old souls are the ones who've arrived at the answers?

B. Pretty much. They've worked out the rules of the game. They realize it is a game. They've played their part and are getting ready to bow out and go on to other things.

A. And the point of the whole exercise is?

B  Exploration, discovery. The Tao- of which every individual soul is a spark- is endlessly curious about itself.

A. How do you know all this?

B. From various sources. Mostly from the Michael Teachings.

A. Michael? Who he?

B. Not he, they. Michael is a collective of over a thousand discarnate souls who teach and answer questions through human channels.

A. And you find that credible?

B. I find the teachings credible.

A. Hmmmm.

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