Tony Grist (poliphilo) wrote,
Tony Grist

Seven Unconnected Paragraphs

1. I like this season of Dr Who. In fact I don't think there's been a single episode I've hated (and that's unusual.)  The advent of Peter Capaldi has energized everybody.

2. Hilary Mantell gives a very good interview. She's provocactive, witty and silky. Last night she was talking to James Runcie- who is a personal friend. They were lovely together.

3. Darren and Sean were here most of yesterday (while we were out) and seem to have fixed the heating system. I've no idea what they did. I guess I'll find out when the bill arrives.

4. I know I won't get to see Maxine Peake playing Hamlet in Manchester so I'm hoping they're going to film the production.

5. This morning's Telegraph carried the headline Tory Crisis. Both casualties- the sex-texter and the UKIP recruit are remarkably challenged in the chin department. Where do they fnd these people? Who thinks they're fit for anything?

6. "A fraudulently elected gathering of lawyers, financiers and adventurers"- H.G. Wells describing the House of Commons in 1924.

7. There's music and there's great music and then there's Beethoven. Yes I know that doesn't really stand up, but I was listening to Von Karajan conducting the 5th this morning and that's how it grabbed me.
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