Tony Grist (poliphilo) wrote,
Tony Grist

Business As Usual

For a week or two we raised the level of our political discourse and found ourselves talking about self-determination and national identity and other things that matter.  And our democracy- for the first time in many years- was seen to be working. Then the moment passed and now we're back to business as usual- with two gangs of sociopaths fighting over who gets to run the barrio. One gang wears blue favours and the other wears red ones and that's all the difference there is between them- and neither lot speaks for us. The Tories want to stop Scottish MPs voting on English matters because it'll be one in the eye for Labour and Labour wants them to keep that power because it's one in the eye for the Tories. They make a pretence of carrying on as if they believe high principles are at stake but we can see through them and know better. 

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