Tony Grist (poliphilo) wrote,
Tony Grist

Under The Volcano

I'm told the fine weather may last until the end of October- by which time we may no longer be living in the United Kingdom.

If the Scots don't vote for Independence I'll feel like those ancient Romans in the poem who bewail the approaching barbarians for several stanzas, then don't know what to do with themselves when the barbarians fail to arrive.

I can't think of any reasons why the Scots shouldn't vote for independence- apart from the sordid economic ones which may be lies anyway.

The Labour party despatched Ed Miliband north of the border to speak for the Union. Never has his lack of charisma been so painfully exposed.  What were we thinking of?

Life meanwhile goes on as it always does in the shadow of the volcano. As Hilaire Belloc wrote-

...They married and gave in marriage.
They danced at the County Ball.
And some of them kept a carriage
And the flood destroyed them all.

But afterwards- if the vote goes the way the polls now indicate:

Will be still call ourselves British?

What flag will we use?

What happens to, the British army navy and airforce? The BBC? The Royal Family? David Cameron? Scots MPs standing for English constituences? Is there A Plan or will we just muddle through?

And how much do I care?

I know the answer to that last one; it's "not a lot". The politicians can sort it out. Let them earn their lovely new pay rise.

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