Tony Grist (poliphilo) wrote,
Tony Grist


Summer is over?

Yes, summer is over. There's not the heat in the sun any more. I take my afternoon walk and I'm not putting on my hat because sunstroke and brain fever no longer seem to threaten.

There are still raspberries and blackberries on the bushes. A very few. I pick and eat them on my rounds.

When I was a wean we used to take our vacation in early September. It was one of the good things about being privately educated that the summer holidays stretched out beyond those the state schools had.  They weren't very summery vacations. I remember having to wear a windcheater on the beach- and we didn't sun ourselves but followed energetic pursuits like shrimping or sand castle building.  I still can't see the point of lying on a beach; beaches are for bouncing all over.

September- as many poets have gratefully discovered- rhymes with remember. It's one of my favourite months.

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