Tony Grist (poliphilo) wrote,
Tony Grist

Into The Dalek

Matt Smith was your fun-loving best (platonic) male friend. Capaldi is almost unforgivably icy. It's quite a shock to the system. But great. And almost certainly what the show needed.

The historic Doctor Capaldi most resembles is Colin Baker. But Baker didn't have the skill or the charisma to pull it off- and came across as boorish. It's one of the strengths of the revived show that they can now afford the best.

God only knows why Clara has to have a boyfriend? Does anyone watch the show for it's romantic sub-plots?

Daleks want to destroy everything. A "good" dalek only wants to destroy other daleks.  Hmmmm.

I like Missy- whoever she is. Clearly the Doctor's dead (whom she is carefully warehousing) are going to come back to haunt him.
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