Tony Grist (poliphilo) wrote,
Tony Grist

Say One Thing, Do Another

We're all agreed that the sexual abuse of children is one of the lowest, meanest crimes imaginable- witness the way nonces are treated in prison-  but when it comes down to it- when the evidence is placed before us and we're asked to do something-  we routinely side with the predatory paedophile, cover up behind him and silence his victims. This happens right across our society at every level. We saw it in the Church. We saw it with Jimmy Savile. We're seeing it in Rotherham. We know it happens in the political establishment.

What's this I hear about you and young boys, Cyril?

None of it true, David. On my honour.

That's all right then. So what would you say to a knighthood?

It's as though the adult world were one great conspiracy against the young.
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