Tony Grist (poliphilo) wrote,
Tony Grist

So Much Stuff

Joe was here with Aria this morning. Aria has just begun to walk.

I said, "You can help yourself to anything except the Rowlandsons." And he said, "Bother," because the Rowlandsons are a set of plates from The English Dance of Death- in which skeletons cavort with typical members of early 19th century society- and they're very cool. In the event he took a couple of my watercolours, the 19th century clock I was given for my 21st birthday, a bound set of Man Myth and Magic from the 1970s and a North African dagger.

After Joe and Aria left Ailz and I took another boot full of things- including a wheelchair, a zimmer-frame and lots of kitchenalia- to the charity shop. 

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