Tony Grist (poliphilo) wrote,
Tony Grist

Things Go To Plan- Pretty Much

The surveyor came and we talked about care of the elderly. He values the house at  £50,000 less that we had hoped. Ah well; this isn't about making money,

After he'd gone we filled the boot and half the back seat with things for the charity shop. The other half of the back seat was taken up with old computers for the tip. Ailz  removed the hard drives first and if she was having difficulties getting the cases open had me set about them with a spade.

This afternoon I emptied the cupboard that sits beside my desk.  I found all sorts- for instance my common entrance and "O"level results,  a lot of artwork I did in the '90s,  letters from my kids,  a collection of American stamps and lots and lots of postcards. I was hoping to get rid of most of what was there and in the event got rid of hardly anything; my future biographer will be pleased. 

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