Tony Grist (poliphilo) wrote,
Tony Grist

Against All Expectation

Ailz got on to another agency and they had a carer who was coming off a job and pleading with them to find her something else for the week. She caught the train in Whitstable and we picked her up from Tonbridge station. She's a Namibian. I don't believe I've ever met a Namibian before.

And so- against all expectation- we were able to set off for Oldham in the early afternoon. We left the motorway at Banbury and had a pizza. You know the nursery rhyme, "Ride A Cock Horse To Banbury Cross"? Well earlier this century Banbury put up a commemorative statue. As such things go it's rather fine.

101_5540 (2)

And now we're in Oldham- and I'm faced with starting the work I've been doing in my head for the last couple of weeks- and hardly know where to start.
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