Tony Grist (poliphilo) wrote,
Tony Grist

Patio Portraits

I'm sifting through my mother's photograph collection and my hopes are running high. What treasures have we here?

Well, here's a picture of bunch of people sitting on the patio. And here's another picture of a bunch of people sitting on the patio. And another. And another...

We all do it: take what is essentially the same photo over and over again. If you went through my archives you'd find a hell of a lot of pictures of churches- all taken from the same two or three different angles. You'd be bored. To tell the truth I'm bored with them too.

When they weren't taking pictures of people sitting on the patio my parents were taking pictures of horses.

And, unless you have a reason for caring, one large brown animal looks very much like every other large brown animal.

I can understand why people faced with the task of clearing out auntie's attic just put the photos out with the trash.

I don't condone it but I understand.

Once in a while Auntie turns out to be Vivian Meier.

But my parents weren't Vivian Meier. And- given what a gadget fiend my father was- I'm surprised at the crapness of the equipment they used. There's not a single image that is sharply in focus.


Here's a typical example of the patio portrait. I've cropped it and restored the faded colour (I've also uploaded it the wrong way round, but so what.) The people in it are Ailz, myself and my two sons Mike and Joe. It was taken in 1994.

PICT0053 (2)
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