Tony Grist (poliphilo) wrote,
Tony Grist

Best Years Of Your Life: Not

My old school sends me a glossy magazine at intervals. I'm sure they'd like me to send them money by return, but I don't.

We drove past it a few weeks back. Ailz asked if I wanted to call in. I said, "No."

Lots of people can't resist though. There's proof in the glossy mag: pages and pages of full colour pictures of prosperous-looking grey haired blokes hob-nobbing.  One of them is Sir Tim Rice. He can't stay away. Every time the mag arrives he's all over it. In this issue he's reported to have given a speech in which he talks about the longevity of friendships made at school. I'm not friends with anyone I knew at school. Not a soul.

I was reading an article t'other day in which this trick cyclist was arguing that people who've been at boarding school are the worst people to entrust with power. No emotional intelligence, see.

 Wicked places. Socially divisive too. I'd close them all down.
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