Tony Grist (poliphilo) wrote,
Tony Grist

The Care Of The Elderly

The boss of the care agency is a person who doesn't know how to have a thought without verbalising it. She grates on me.

They didn't send a carer yesterday morning- and if she doesn't have a carer my mother doesn't get a proper wash. (And no, I am not prepared to provide that kind of intimate care myself.) The omission was explained to us thuswise- that they've taken on another client called Shirley and they weren't used to sending carers out to two Shirleys so they didn't.

My mother usually wakes shortly after seven. We know she's stirring because she puts her radio on and makes herself a cup of tea. This morning she did neither of these things so I was thinking I was going to find her dead.

This bunch of carers have been coming now for six months or something like.  Jo and Kirstie are regulars. As soon as the carer is out the door my mother asks, "And who was that?" Every time. Never fails....

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