Tony Grist (poliphilo) wrote,
Tony Grist

Talking To Mike

Mike has just about week left before he quits Tokyo for good- and is in a round of doing things for the last time and doing things for the first time he'd always meant to do and never got round to before. For example he and Su Young just ate at a Michelin-starred restaurant where they had to book a month in advance. Everything came served with foam. (What's with foam? I see it on Masterchef and I think "Why?" and "How is that not disgusting?") I ask him if it tastes of anything and he says it's just sauce, but frothy.

Mike'll be living in college digs for a month or so and then- after Su Young joins him- with his mother and her partner in North London. He asked for advice about living with a parent.  And I said, "Stake out your own space and tread on eggshells round the shared kitchen."

He likes the pics of my boyhood I've been posting. He says the, wind-blown, wispy haired look I sport in some of them is much in vogue among  present day Japanese gigolos. But of course; I tell him, I always was ahead of the curve. He says he'd like to see more (as did Alice the other day) and so...

PICT0016 - Copy

Family group. 1964. It's the holidays but I seem to be wearing my school tie. How strange. The dog's name is Becky.  So named before I met my first wife- also called Becky. Aaaargh!

PICT0035 - Copy

On the cross channel ferry

PICT0037 - Copy

Putting up the Badminton net in the back garden. c. 1968

(Jenny tells me some of these images are back to front. In this batch I think the first one is and the other two aren't. Ah. well.)

It'll be great to have Mike back home again. He's lived abroad for most of his adult life.
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