Tony Grist (poliphilo) wrote,
Tony Grist

Three Things

1' No-one has done anything much to the fields since we came here and now they're wildflower meadows. The buttercups are ending their season and the cowslips and selfheals are having theirs- with the clovers coming on . There are lots of small heath butterflies.

2. I'm a little dizzy with all the tennis I've been watching- and all the new names and faces I'm having to commit to memory: Bouchard, Kerber, Kyrgios, Raucic, Dimitrov.  Is the era of the Big Four over?  Nadal looked tired in his defeat yesterday and Murray today was positively sluggish- but nothing seems to touch Roger Federer.

3 Ailz sent her mother an email over three months ago telling her to rein back on the self pity and moral blackmail (only not quite in those terms) and for some reason she's only just read it. Now she's lovingly nursing her outrage. Have I ever known a person I disliked more? No, I don't think I have (unless it was Ailz's father.)
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