Tony Grist (poliphilo) wrote,
Tony Grist

Holiday Notes

I've been told some people spend their holidays sitting- or even lying- on beaches for hours on end. I find it hard to believe. I mean how can they stand it?  We sat on the beach at Weymouth for- oh- ten minutes- and I paddled a little- and then we got itchy feet.

Yesterday we drove to Salisbury, went round the cathedral, had lunch in the refectory and then realised Avebury was only an hour away.

We visit Avebury whenever feasible. I've never felt the call of Stonehenge but Avebury- ah...


We had tea in Marlborough in the church- now a craft centre- where Cardinal Wolsey was ordained. I have a certain affection for Wolsey- as I do for all the poor bastards who tried to make life easy and agreeable for  Henry VIII- and got stomped for it.

While we're driving from place to place I further my musical education by playing CDs sourced from charity shops. I have discovered The Manics are bland and The Darkness is/are silly but I really like Franz Ferdinand.

We did a lot of charity shopping today. First in Lymington, then in Hythe. In Lymington I bought a 19th century print of the church at Fawley- which made me want to go and take a look at the real thing. The shop manager used to work at the Fawley refinery and gave us directions. It's a charming romanesque building with wonky pillars pushed sideways by the weight of the roof.

In Hythe I bought a six volume olio Society boxed set of Hardy novels for £6.50.

Here's the west door at Fawley...


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