Tony Grist (poliphilo) wrote,
Tony Grist

Ed Miliband

Ed says he's going to take benefits away from young people unless they sign up for training.

Train to do what, Ed? Will you have jobs lined up for them at the end of their training?


No, sorry, it's not doing it for me. You can't make that all-important contact with the electorate so you sidle a few centimetres further to the right. And take a swipe at the young because, hey, the fuckers don't vote.

"Do you like me now?"

No, Ed, I'm afraid not. In fact every time you open your mouth I like you less.

Conviction? I'm not seeing it.

Passion? Don't make me laugh.

Ideas? Is making life tougher for the young really your best shot?

Besides, you look like a twit.

Step aside, please. Let someone else have a go. 
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