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Tony Grist

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Triggering [Jun. 16th, 2014|09:41 am]
Tony Grist
I took the gamble that no predator would come that close to the house in daytime- and left the rabbits unattended- and a fox came by and ate them....

This morning I'm thinking of all the things I ever did wrong in my lifetime. Believe me, it's quite a list.

[User Picture]From: arielstarshadow
2014-06-16 02:14 pm (UTC)
Sorry to hear of the loss of your rabbits!

Hmmmm - a single fox likely wouldn't eat multiple rabbits at once (they tend to grab one and go - carrying two or more is impossible). I'd suspect more than one predator at work if you lost multiple rabbits?
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[User Picture]From: poliphilo
2014-06-16 02:28 pm (UTC)

I think the fox killed them both, removed one and then came back and took a big bite out of the other. If I hadn't intervened it would probably have come back yet again to remove the remnants.
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