Tony Grist (poliphilo) wrote,
Tony Grist

Return To Margate

At the very limit of sight is the offshore wind farm. It hovers out there in a strip of yellow cloud- which is probably an optical illusion. Some people say it ruins the view. How can they say that of something you have to strain to see- that is almost not there- that makes you think of a faery city?

Thanet is a wedge sticking out into the Channel. Like a chisel or a doorstop. Margate is just short of the point beyond which you can go no further- unless you have a boat, of course.  We walked to the end of the stone pier yesterday afternoon. Water on three sides and walls you could trip over. It made me feel giddy- even though I was standing well back.


Margate from Westgate-on-sea


Margate from the Stone Pier. The Turner Contemporary is the boxy building on the far left.
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