Tony Grist (poliphilo) wrote,
Tony Grist

Earth Mysteries

There are lots of little paths running all over the fields; not deep or wide- not cutting down to the bare earth- but rather like the grooves left by a bicycle wheel.  I wonder what made them. Was it the sheep when there were sheep (there haven't been any for nearly two years) or are they rabbit runs?

Also there are several circular formations. They stood out very clearly a month or two back when the vegetation inside them was quite different from the vegetation outside, but now- with the grass growing at the rate of about an inch a day (I exaggerate)- they're very much harder to see. The biggest of them must be about ten to fifteen feet across and has, I noticed today, one of those bicycle-track paths running round it.  Are they natural formations, fairy rings, perhaps, or is there archaeology underneath?
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