Tony Grist (poliphilo) wrote,
Tony Grist

Reading A Little Further

And then Smithie falls in love with one of the women who keep the local tea shop. Great unpleasantness ensues. Joyce, Smithie's new girlfriend, is horrid to Enid. "You betrayed Smithie with Nina," she says. "So you've got what's coming to you."
Things fall into a liveable, just-about-bearable routine. Then there's a gap in the record. Next thing we know Smithie is engaged to someone called Cyril Bullpitt (where on earth did he come from?) and Enid has met Dorothea, the woman who is going to be her companion for life. They discuss religion; Doro is a high church Anglican and Enid had broader views. Then Enid suggests they go to bed...

I knew Doro. She was four square and jolly. She and Enid were closer than most married couples. I thought of them- and the family spoke of them- as Enidanddoro- as if they were all one word...
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