Tony Grist (poliphilo) wrote,
Tony Grist

Deepest Sussex

We had lunch at Taffels in Forest Row. This was our second visit. If we're heading west into deepest Sussex it's a good place to stop off. I had fallafel and Ailz had a burger. It's not a vegetarian joint but it takes its vegetarian dishes seriously.

No fucking veggie lasagne.

We bought a rocking horse- or more correctly rocking donkey- at the charity shop. We'll give it to Fabrizio, Christa and Miguel.

Ailz suggested we go to Lewes. Lewes was full up and they don't seem to have free parking for the disabled so we carried on towards Eastbourne.

We took a little detour to look at the Long Man of Wilmington- perhaps the most enigmatic of all the hill figures. Who is he? When was he first cut? What are those staves he's holding? The newest,shiniest thinking is that he's early modern- 16th or 17th century.

We ate a cream tea on pier in Eastbourne. There's a studio there where they sculpt in glass . We bought a couple of swans as mother's day presents and watched the man make an elephant.

We had a short wander round Eastbourne and came across Tome. It sells new books and secondhand books and all its second-hand ones- nicely selected and sorted, no rubbish, lots of old Penguins if you like that sort of thing- are priced at £2.00. I dream about places like this. I spent £10 and came away with three hard to obtain, later H.G. Wells novels, a Conan Doyle Omnibus, and a first edition of Alan Hollinghurst's The Line of Beauty.  All in hardback. I haven't woken up yet so I think this must really have happened.
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