Tony Grist (poliphilo) wrote,
Tony Grist

Probably Not a Pterosaur

My mother's racehorse trainer came and took her out to lunch yesterday. My mother sees her as a sort of extra daughter. I like her well enough but horses are her life and the only thing she ever talks about.  I said something about Diana Dors and she looked startled and switched the conversation back to the hunting field. Ailz threatens to leave me to her in her will.

The money-grubbing RSPB says the blue tit has become the most commonly seen British bird. This accords with my own observations. Perhaps it's moving into the niche vacated by the house sparrow. Something enormous flew over yesterday and perched on a tree down by the Maidstone Road. It had a long snaky neck. By the time I'd fetched my binoculars it had moved on but I suppose it must have been a heron.

Ailz is reading about the Quakers. She tells me I'm a Quaker and I nod because I suppose I am in a sort of a way. I'll go to meeting with her if she likes but my days of joining things are over.

Ailz's wonderful godmother, Pat, who is 87, has just taken up hand bell ringing. 
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