Tony Grist (poliphilo) wrote,
Tony Grist


Sex is about becoming the Other. About the barriers between self and self almost fading away. That's what interests me. Union with the Beloved. It's also very pleasant but- hey- so is taking an extra tab of co-codamol.

Pleasure is great but transcendence is better.

There's a garden. And you can look into it through the narrow squint-hole of the gate-house. But the keeper is adamant and won't be bribed. No entry for the likes of you!

But one can send imagination forth.....

I love all fictions that involve passage from one world to another. Or, at least I love the idea of them. Often they disappoint. The least disappointing of such fictions are the Alice books.

Wonderland and Looking Glass World are not particularly pleasant places. They are full of barking-mad authority figures and governed by stupid rules. The point is not to have fun; the point is to have arrived in a place that is utterly new and different.

I like to think I was a woman in a previous life. Maybe in many previous lives. I would love to be able to access those memories.

Weigh-heigh, Polly's my girl.

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