Tony Grist (poliphilo) wrote,
Tony Grist

Heigh Ho, The Wind And The Rain

My mother's alarm clock failed to wake me this morning- probably because it was drowned out by the wind.

It was a very stormy night- and the wind is still blowing hard this morning. Two of our trees have had large pieces knocked off them.

Yesterday was our day out. The wind hadn't started up at that stage, but it was raining hard. We needed a break so we went aquaplaning round East Sussex. Ian said we might like Forest Row- and we did. We had lunch there in an organic restaurant called Taffels and it was very good. On the way home we stopped briefly in Hartfield which I learned afterwards was A.A. Milne's home village.

The paper says our storm system and America's storm system are holding hands over the Atlantic. How sweet.
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