Tony Grist (poliphilo) wrote,
Tony Grist


All these months we've been looking askance at every brown envelope that came our way in case it contained the summons to a medical reassessment by Atos- the French company that's been tasked by government with the job of winnowing the ranks of the disabled. This morning, for example, a very official looking brown envelope showed up and Ailz said, "Here it is"- and it turned out to be an entirely innocuous notice from the DWP. The summons from Atos was lying underneath it. In a white envelope.

The interview- in Manchester- was set for a date in the near future when we plan to be down here. Ailz rang up straight away and got it pushed back a week. I was surprised at the flexibility.

We have a good case. Well of course we have; Ailz has been on benefits for something like 20 years. But that's no guarantee for the future. One hears stories that would be comic if they weren't horrible- of the moribund and totally incapable being told to take up their beds and walk. There have been suicides. And deaths hurried along by anxiety and despair.

We aren't as vulnerable as many. If they stop our money we have fall-back plans.

What this development does is focus our minds on the rather untidy- and uneconomical- situation we're in at the moment- caring for my mother in Kent whilst maintaining a house we have no current use for in Manchester.  I have an attachment to the old house, but that's just sentiment- and rather gauzy sentiment at that (I stopped missing "home" a good while back)- and selling up seems more and more like the sensible option.
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