Tony Grist (poliphilo) wrote,
Tony Grist

Uncle Ran

I plonked a Georgian photograph album in front of my mother in the hope she might identify the people in it but she couldn't; she could pick out her mother and father- but so could I-  and when it came to cousins, aunts and uncles she was reduced to guesswork. "Uncle Ran?"  Well, quite possibly, but they can't all be Uncle Ran- especially when two possible Rans appear side by side in the same shot.

Ran was a painter- not an important one- but good enough to be elected to the RA. I remember meeting him once- on which occasion he gifted me a collected Tennyson. He was a bit of a rapscallion I believe- at last by the standards of his high-minded Unitarian family- and there was more than one wife- the last a good deal younger than he was.  I've looked for him online but, unfortunately,  he shares his name with a minor but controversial American pop singer and if he's there- and surely he must be- he's buried deep.
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