Tony Grist (poliphilo) wrote,
Tony Grist

Converting The Study

My father had a shower unit installed in the study. It's an odd plasticky thing that folds in and out of a shallow cupboard. I've never seen it in operation so I don't know if it was any good. Plumbers we've shown it to say they've never seen the like. No-one has used it (or dared use it) since he died.  The doors have rotted and warped and the litter of bleached droppings on the floor around it suggest there may be a a disused mouse's nest in there somewhere. We really need to get it taken out.

I'm not very good at this turning round of rooms. I get fascinated and delayed by the things I'm sorting through. Yesterday I mentioned my father's trip to Egypt in the 1940s. Later I found the photographs.Theyreveal that he travelled with my grandfather and a jolly fat man in a hat.- all of them executives in the American engineering firm Blaw Knox. The pictures show the usual monuments and camels and peasants but also a very large object that looks like a dam. An attractive young woman with frizzy hair features in a few of them.

Oh, and I found a ventimeter- which is an instrument for determining wind speed.  It looks like an inhaler.  (Before they got into horses my parents had a good few years of messing about in boats). I've brought it downstairs and next time we get a high wind I shall run outside and measure how fast it's going. What larks.
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