Tony Grist (poliphilo) wrote,
Tony Grist

Beginning The Fight Back

I've engaged a builder. He's a friend of Matthew's (whom I trust) and he's called Che (and how can you not trust a man called Che?) I took him round the premises and he told me the end wall is leaking because wasps have eaten the felt and the garage roof is leaking because some fucking cowboy did a bodged job on the rainwater valley (is that the right term?) and may well have stolen all the lead that was there before.

Jobs to be done:

Repair the end wall and stop the water getting in
Repair the rainwater valley on the garage roof and replace perished timber
Re-roof the rabbit shed
Repair the gable end of the donkey house (that's what it's called. It hasn't housed donkeys for over 40 years)

I suspect  (actually, I know) that's just the beginning. I feel fired up. I want to put this place back together again. 
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