Tony Grist (poliphilo) wrote,
Tony Grist

Jogging Along

It rains, it blows, but not continuously. Yesterday morning there was a brief interlude of mild sunny weather which was as fine as can be expected of January.

I'm building two bonfires. Most days I spend twenty minutes or so walking round the fields picking up sticks.

My mother had a stomach upset yesterday. Much of the morning was taken up with washing bedclothes and then washing them again. I'm normally squeamish but I can put squeamishness aside when necessary. I think my mother has forgotten about the incident now- which is good because it was distressing and embarrassing. We had to buy her a new pair of slippers- and I was hoping I wouldn't have to explain why; I didn't.  As I was helping her into them this morning she remarked that her feet seemed to have got bigger.
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