Tony Grist (poliphilo) wrote,
Tony Grist


That meme about things I've done and you haven't. I'm tempted to try it but it makes my head hurt to remember all that stuff.

Every one of those things I've done and you haven't is just another brick in the wall.

Personality is a prison as much as its a romper-room. The more colourful I am, the more I'm stuck with myself.

I'm Quentin Crisp. No-one is ever going to ask me to haul a sleigh to the South Pole.

As a writer I keep coming up against my limitations. I bang against them like a vacuum cleaner butting against the skirting board.

The least limited writer ever was Shakespeare. He creates an illusion of knowing everything. We haven't a clue what he was like in himself.

One of my favourite scenes from the movies is Rita Haworth and Edward Everett Sloane in Lady From Shanghai. They're in the mirror maze, surrounded by multiple images of themselves. He says something like "I'm awfully tired of us, lover." Then they start shooting.

Glass everywhere.
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