Tony Grist (poliphilo) wrote,
Tony Grist

Dr Who Christmas Special

I've given up trying to understand Moffat's overarching narrative- it's just too complicated- but I was pleased to see that he seemed to be tying up loose ends last night. If this means no more Crack in Time, exploding Tardis, Silence, Trenzalore etc I'm happy. All these things have in their time loomed out of the fog, briefly extinguished all hope and then- without resolution or explanation- faded back into it again. The succession of anti-climaxes and unfinished stories was becoming tiresome. The other thing he did was reset the canon about the number of lives a Timelord is allowed. I'm glad he bothered to do that; it needed addressing.

I haven't warmed to Matt Smith's Doctor but I can see that- objectively speaking- he's done a good job. I've no problem with him being somebody else's favourite. He was often very funny. The brief glimpse we had of Peter Capaldi's incarnation looked promising. He's older than anyone since Hartnell, he's intense, he has ferocious eyes and it sounds as if he's going to be Scottish.
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