Tony Grist (poliphilo) wrote,
Tony Grist

Wandering About In East Sussex

I bought a novel by Rose Tremain in a charity shop in Heathfield for 75p, got it home and only then discovered it was a signed first edition. Now I feel like I've robbed somebody.

Heathfield used to be called Heffle. That's according to Kipling. Maybe it still is.

As the light was failing- round about 4 o'clock- we stopped in Brightling- where there's a large stone pyramid in the churchyard- erected in the 1830s by local landowner, MP and folly-builder "Mad Jack" Fuller. Legend says he was buried inside sitting at a table, fully clothed with a bottle of wine in front of him. Sadly, it isn't true.

Burwash lies between Heathfield and Brightling. We paused there long enough for me to take this picture of the war memorial.

Burwash, the war memorial
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