Tony Grist (poliphilo) wrote,
Tony Grist

Masterchef '13

I've been drawn deeper and deeper into Masterchef '13. Anyone of the three finalists could have won- and I was hoping the judges would declare a tie. By this stage it was a lottery. My man Adam had a very slight wobble in the final stages- which seemed to be what happens to him when the pressure piles up- and it cost him. He's a nervy beast.  I've little doubt, though, that, give him a year or two and he'll own his own place and be collecting Michelin stars. I reflected afterwards that I'm about as likely to eat at one of the restaurants that serves this kind of high end food as I am to own a Damien Hirst.

"So complicated" said my mother. Well, yes. Do I admire the artistry or deplore the decadence?  That's a tricky question when you're both a socialist and an aesthete. Oscar Wilde would have known the answer.
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