Tony Grist (poliphilo) wrote,
Tony Grist

Bonfires And Brollies

I had two goes at incinerating the huge pile of willow wood at the bottom of the lower field. The first time there was no wind and the flame burned steadily upwards and made a hole in the pile then stopped. The second time there was enough of a breeze to spread the flame around and the pile was reduced to ash- right down to the final twig. I love bonfires. They send me into a trance.

Last night, cashing in on the new movie about P.L. Travers and Walt Disney, the BBC gave us the documentary version, presented by Victoria Coren- who is now calling herself Coren-Mitchell.  I could have done without the dodgy green screen shots of Coren-Mitchell flying in on her umbrella but the content was interesting. P.L.Travers was an engagingly peculiar person with a steeliness that verged on the inhuman. To her credit she fought Walt to the last comma of the Mary Poppins script. She hated how he had to add sugar to everything- which is something I hate about him too. If she'd won the battle (which was never going to happen) Mary Poppins would have been a very different film- dark chocolate not milk chocolate. I've never read the books. I think I'd like them.
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