Tony Grist (poliphilo) wrote,
Tony Grist

Going Home

The terms of our house insurance stipulate that we can't be absent from the property for more than 60 days at a stretch. Ailz has been totting it up and says we've been gone for 59. We're setting off later this morning. One of the things I've slung in the car is a bag of apples.

Matthew was here all of yesterday with his mate Tractor James, lopping the diseased wood from the bigger of the two horse chestnuts.  It's on its way out,  he says, but it should still outlive us all.  I was feeling low and weary and bad-tempered but the very big bonfire cheered me up.. I helped them tend it. The remains are still burning this morning.

David Suchet bowed out as Poirot last night. The plot of Curtain gets to be confusing when crammed into a couple of hours but the atmospherics were moody and Suchet was superb. Hugh Fraser too (it's lovely to have him back.) And so ends one of T.V.'s great adventures. 

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