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Tony Grist

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Fireworks [Nov. 2nd, 2013|10:05 am]
Tony Grist
November 5th came early this year. In Winbury yesterday, I think that's the name of the place (we drove through on our way to see my godmother)  they were constructing a huge bonfire on the village green with a view to burning it today. And last night we were sitting peacefully watching Autumnwatch when there was a bang and a rumble and a burst of crimson light. I went out and stood in the rain and watched. Our very rich neighbours must have spent a fortune on the display- and we were getting at least a good a view of it as they were.  It was exhilarating- the bangs very loud- and ricocheting- smack, smack,smack, smack, smack- off any number of nearby surfaces, and the star-bursts filling a third of the sky.

P.S. Winbury? What was I thinking? I took a look at the map and the place is called Newick.