Tony Grist (poliphilo) wrote,
Tony Grist

I Wouldn't Have Bought It

The thermostat for the boiler is in the kitchen which means that when you put the cooker on it heats the kitchen up a treat and all the radiators in the rest of the house go cold. I had the kitchen doors open yesterday afternoon- with the rain bucketing down outside- in the hope that the boiler would fire up and warm my mother in the living room.

No-one ever really thought this house through. It's a 19th century farm cottage with bits tacked on haphazardly. I thought of adding, "that's its charm" but it isn't a charming house- (it's not pretty or quaint- there are no bare beams or fireplaces you could stable a pony in)-  just an inconvenient one.  There was a guy sniffing around the other day- we got a phone call, then a letter- saying how he'd like to be informed if we ever put it on the market- and I found myself telling him how he really wouldn't want to live here.
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