Tony Grist (poliphilo) wrote,
Tony Grist

An Autumn Afternoon

Now that it's too cold and damp to sit out on the patio Ailz and I sit in the kitchen- but still in our deck chairs- because the kitchen chairs are uncomfortable and untrustworthy. I read a book or do the cryptic, Ailz works at her embroidery frame.

My mother sits in the living room with her paper. Every so often we hear the TV come on- which means there's a horse race she wants to watch. At ten to four she steps out through the sliding doors, makes her way to the edge of the lawn and stands there for a minute, leaning on her zimmer, looking her garden up and down. When she comes into the kitchen she''s eating a tomato she's just picked from the vine. She says she thinks it must be nearly tea-time.
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