Tony Grist (poliphilo) wrote,
Tony Grist

Eating My Words

I was wrong about the jug. It's silver. The hallmark was hidden up near the rim and quite badly rubbed. Put that and the indeterminate piece together (it turns out to be part of a cruet stand) and they could make £100-150. I expect that's scrap value.

Our man wasn't sure about the temple dogs. They need to go to an expert. The likelihood is they're 19th century Chinese copies of 17th century originals. I thought they might be European. Our man says the Europeans didn't copy things that are so culturally specific. Water birds, yes; temple dogs, no.

We also got him to take some mid-century leather suitcases- two of them from Harrods. They won't go into a London sale but to a small, affiliated saleroom in Bodiam.  
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