Tony Grist (poliphilo) wrote,
Tony Grist

The Man Who Hated Britain

You knew Ed Miliband's father Ralph was a Marxist, right? Well you would have done if you took any interest in these matters. It wasn't exactly a secret. He published books. He wrote articles.


Hold onto your hats because the Mail is now able to reveal that- you're not going to believe this- Ralph Miliband was a Marxist!

And apparently being a Marxist is the same as "hating Britain". Well, here's the evidence: he thought the class system was wicked and that people got into power through the old boy's network of the public schools and Oxbridge. What a vicious twisting of the truth!  I mean it's obvious that people like Cameron (and Ralph's two sons) get to the top by intrinsic merit and sheer hard graft.  O the humanity!

Dig him up and burn what's left and throw the ashes in the Thames.
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