Tony Grist (poliphilo) wrote,
Tony Grist


Talking about documentaries....

....I watched an episode of a series called Dead Famous. It featured a couple of flaxen haired young people- one of each gender- on a mission to track down celebrity ghosts.

Last night they were looking for John Lennon in and around New York. The management wouldn't let them into the Dakota so they paced the sidewalk out side, with the young man intoning "Come on, John, show me where you fell!" He got a twinge in his leg so maybe Lennon was responding. Then they went to Shea Stadium on the off chance that Lennon might choose to revisit the scene of a former triumph. The man waved a tape recorder around in the hope of capturing the Beatles concert off the aether but the results were unsatisfactory. Next stop was the Hotel Chelsea, where Lennon spent a few nights back in the early 70s. The young man was sitting on the bed when something invisible plumped down beside him, or so he said. Whoever it was, it wasn't Lennon.

Barrington Island is a famously haunted spot in New York State with a very photogenic Spanish colonial style ruined castle (dating from c.1900.) The Beatles once kept an aeroplane somewhere in the vicinity so this was an obvious place to look. There was much bumping around in the dark and the girl saw someone who shouldn't have been there standing on a woodland path. Could it have been Lennon?

Probably not.

Frankly disappointed by Barrington Island, our team convened a seance. They recruited an old woman with jet black hair who is in constant touch with Lennon and a Lennon look-alike who believes that Lennon jumps in and out of his body when he's performing. Success at last. The spirit of Lennon possessed the look-alike and he had a message for us all.

"Give life, don't take it!"

Next week we're going in search of Bette Davis. I'll bet she has something really pithy to say.

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