Tony Grist (poliphilo) wrote,
Tony Grist

Three Completely Unrelated Things

The brutalist 1960s bus station in Preston has been saved from demolition. The relevant Minister just slapped a Grade II preservation order on it. I'm not sure I like it myself, but it's a remarkable building- and I think we should hang on to it for the sake of our children's children who may well have a taste for that sort of thing- just as we have a taste for the 19th century buildings our grand-parents hated.

I was pleased to see that- according to the RSPB- the decline in the number of house sparrows has been halted.

There are masses of daddy-long-legs around. Last time I checked there were two living in our bedroom. Their long trailing legs are designed to get snagged in spiders' webs- which is exactly what happens.
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