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Tony Grist

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Things We Listened To In The Car On The Way Home [Sep. 13th, 2013|06:31 pm]
Tony Grist
The Tempest: with Ian McKellen and Emilia Fox.

McKellen has a lovely warm voice- possibly too warm for Prospero who is a pernickety old sod. Benedict Cumberbatch (before he got famous) plays Ferdinand- not a role that makes anyone a star- but he's distinctive. The comedy is wearisome. Shakespearean comedy can be funny (very funny) but it requires an audience- and lots of physicality.

The Seeger Sessions: Bruce Springsteen

A great shout-out of behalf of the American working man. I hadn't listened to it for several years and was afraid it might have dated but it hasn't, and I don't think it will.

The Best of the Pogues;

I've gone off this. Back in the day I found Shane McGowan's work dark and exciting. Now he just irritates me. Yes, we get it, you like a drink- so what? Pretty tunes though.