Tony Grist (poliphilo) wrote,
Tony Grist

Nature V Nurture

Talking about cloning, I see some idiot has purchased one of John Lennon's teeth and plans to extract the DNA and regrow him.

I say, "idiot", but- if you forget the moral dimension- this could  be a really interesting experiment. Would a cloned Lennon turn out anything like the original? I doubt it. To create a perfect duplicate I think you'd need to bring the child up in a holographic version of postwar Liverpool surrounded by android versions of Aunt Mimi, Paul McCartney and all the other players and have them do and say exactly what they did and said first time round- and even then it would only need one butterfly to flap its wings in the wrong place at the wrong time to bring the whole scheme down in ruins.

Still, there's really only one way to be absolutely sure...
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