Tony Grist (poliphilo) wrote,
Tony Grist

Killing Hornets

The pest controller came round this afternoon and did for the hornets in our roof.  He worked from the ground, using a pump with a telescopically extending, semi-rigid hose. At full stretch it looked like one of those rods you catch marlins with. He inserted the nozzle under the tiles and gave the nest a couple of squirts. Each squirt produced a plume of vapour that drifted.

We stood back and watched. The hornets were circling giddily. Their bodies, coated in poison, had turned white. "They're looking for another way in," he said. "But they're stupid creatures; they only ever build one. No escape routes or nothing".

He told me about a case he'd been called to where some chap who was cutting a hedge had put his blade through a nest and had to be stretchered off to hospital. "His face was out here," he said, holding his hand about a foot away from his cheek.

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