Tony Grist (poliphilo) wrote,
Tony Grist

Chez Nous

I dreamed that I was being treated by a Chinese acupuncturist (on the orders of the Iraqi authorities.) She said I was in excellent health. When
the last needle was withdrawn it was seen to have a thickness of grey wool wound round it.

Yesterday was very tiring. I didn't eat right. Almost no protein. This confirms my faith in the Zone Diet thing that you need to have a good, balanced amount of protein in every meal.

We got cross at one another this morning. I bounced a tupperware container off the work-top and Ailz threw a casserole dish down the corridor. The casserole dish went off like a bomb and scattered shrapnel into both side rooms. I did a preliminary sweep-up, but I reckon we'll be finding the splinters for weeks.

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