Tony Grist (poliphilo) wrote,
Tony Grist

My Mother's House

The keypad that allows entry to the back door has been on the blink since before we went away. I propose we replace it with a straightforward, non- electrical Yale lock.

We've been waiting for months for a builder to come and fix the damp in our bedroom. He fixed it before to no good effect and I suspect there's nothing he can do now short of taking down the wall- and that's why he's delaying his return.

There's wallpaper peeling off the ceiling in the hall.

Matthew fixed the greenhouse while we were away. I don't know how he managed. The panes of glass keep falling out of a wooden framework which has- in places- rotted into a state of non-existence. I keep waiting for a heavy rain or a strong wind to take the whole thing down.

The electricity went off yesterday. We tracked the fault down to one of the rings on the kitchen hob- and isolated it.  It must be 40 years since the house was last rewired.

The dining table my mother uses as a desk has a leg on the point of detaching itself. My sister has propped it up with bits of wood she found in the garage.

The roof isn't looking too good. There are a lot of broken tiles.

The switch that controls the garage doors works sometimes.

The hornets were back last night. They got into the bathroom and both bedrooms.

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